Sunday, July 17, 2011

Result: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Run

The following is the Official Result of the PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Run from Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City to Dingalan, Aurora on July 16, 2011.

Rank Name Time Points
1 Dick Balaba 6:25:46 60
2 Junrox Roque Jr 6:32:11 59.08
3 Gene Olvis 6:36:02 58.45
4 Alfred De Los Reyes 7:04:58 54.49
5 Jose Duenas 7:08:47 54.03
6 Tina Narvaez (F) 7:16:51 53
7 Bert Camangonan 7:21:25 52.43
8 Chito Vegim 7:37:28 50.6
9 Deo Jaravata 7:41:59 50.1
10 Salvador Castilla Jr 7:47:33 49.52
11 Randy Rubio 7:51:44 49.08
12 Magno Rafael Gabotero 7:52:36 49.02
13 Jerome Bautista 7:54:18 48.81
14 Graciano Santos Jr 7:54:37 48.77
15 Simon Favel Miranda 7:55:01 48.73
16 Jonel Mendoza 7:59:37 48.26
17 Keshia Fule (F) 8:02:57 47.92
18 Elmer Tolete 8:07:11 47.51
19 Paolo Osmena 8:07:39 47.46
20 Frederick Quitiquit 8:13:33 46.9
21 Carlos De Los Santos 8:21:04 46.19
22 Ronnel Go 8:23:40 45.96
23 Junn Besana 8:27:49 45.58
24 Allan Martos 8:37:13 44.75
25 Roberto De Los Santos 8:37:25 44.74
26 Victor Verry 8:41:43 44.37
27 Gil Brazil 8:42:17 44.32
28 Allen Gaspar 8:52:30 43.47
29 Christian Oting 8:52:50 43.44
30 Jose Cando 8:56:50 43.12
31 Jael Wenceslao 8:56:52 43.1
32 Emerson Sto. Domingo 9:03:21 42.6
33 Kharl Ocampo 9:05:44 42.41
34 Ceasar Aquino 9:05:57 42.4
35 Bong Bernadez 9:08:11 42.22
36 Kokoy Delmo 9:08:12 42.21
37 Ferdie Cabiling 9:10:07 42.07
38 David Buban 9:15:25 41.68
39 Rodel Montejo 9:15:34 41.66
40 Jose Lorenzo Mina 9:15:40 41.65
41 Wilfredo Parcon 9:16:00 41.63
42 Jerome Aragones 9:16:17 41.61
43 Arnel Vizmonte 9:16:47 41.57
44 Nuestro Arman Garcia 9:17:54 41.49
45 Camilo Paran Jr 9:18:10 41.47
46 Julius Savella 9:19:32 41.37
47 Chaps Grande 9:24:31 41
48 Mel Severino 9:25:27 40.93
49 Chito Carrion 9:26:01 40.89
50 Emilio Hulipas 9:28:00 40.75
51 Edward Villareal 9:29:54 40.61
52 Irene Ong (F) 9:30:08 40.6
53 Mac Millan 9:31:26 40.51
54 Vans Camano 9:32:13 40.45
55 Ricardo Cabusao Jr 9:33:59 40.33
56 George Dolores 9:34:06 40.32
57 Anthony Alindada 9:35:37 40.21
58 Junar Layug 9:36:41 40.14
59 Camilo Kagaoan Jr 9:38:48 39.99
60 Fernando Sy Jr 9:38:48 39.99
61 Steve Paul Dumlao 9:40:33 39.87
62 Julius Cervantes 9:43:54 39.64
63 Francis Frio 9:52:17 39.08
64 Ronel Gallardo 10:01:01 38.54
65 June Villamor 10:01:04 38.52
66 Randy Racho 10:01:05 38.51
67 Alladin Cordero 10:01:32 38.5
68 Nelson Anthony Malillim 10:01:39 38.48
69 Cesar Abarientos 10:02:35 38.41
70 Rod Apolinario 10:03:29 38.35
71 Gaphet Grande 10:05:42 38.21
72 Art Virata 10:06:46 38.15
73 Ofelia Lorete (F) 10:07:45 38.1
74 Jake Pescador 10:08:27 38.04
75 Bee Yen Soberano 10:10:08 37.94
76 Bart Torralba 10:13:09 37.75
77 Vic Topacio 10:13:18 37.74
78 Alex Jonesy Jones 10:13:19 37.74
79 Michael Joseph Ko 10:15:37 37.6
80 Ronald Illana 10:17:35 37.48
81 Marvin Pangan 10:22:41 37.17
82 Mar Marilag 10:27:08 36.91
83 Ed Escalante 10:33:21 36.55
84 Wesley Orana 10:37:36 36.3
85 Janus Ajusto 10:39:11 36.21
86 Carmeli Ortega (F) 10:40:50 36.12
87 Erlinda Pamesa 10:42:40 36.02
88 Larry Daliwag 10:42:42 36.01
89 Nap Ocampo Jr 10:42:45 36
90 Ronel Espinoza 10:43:12 35.98
91 Harold Lorete 10:43:47 35.95
92 Joseph Ligot 10:44:01 35.94
93 Sherwin Botabara 10:46:02 35.83
94 Andy Joshua Oting 10:49:05 35.66
95 Jerome Jamili 10:51:28 35.53
96 Marco Christopher Montaos 10:52:55 35.45
97 Jonly Sabaricos 10:53:50 35.4
98 Sammy Delena 10:54:10 35.38
99 Emil Perez 10:56:34 35.25
100 Carlo Serrano 10:56:38 35.24
101 Eric Caramay 10:56:55 35.23

Finishers After Cut-Off Time

102 Vince Rodriguez 11:21:16
103 Garry Garcia 11:24:48
104 John Paul Bautista 11:25:53
105 Zaldy Santillan 11:43:14
106 Mark David Aquino 12:53:10
107 Ellen Castillo (F) 12:55:46
108 Brandy Simbe 13:22:18
109 Dindo Magallanes 15:19:30

Monday, June 20, 2011

Update: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Marathon Run

Update: PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Run

1.This is the 2nd PAU Race for the year (2011) and it will start at the 7th Infantry Division Headquarters of the Philippine Army inside Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija) at 5:00 AM of July 16, 2011. The Assembly Time will be at 4:00 AM and Race Bibs will be distributed to the registered runners during this period before finally starting race.

2.There are 223 applicants to this race as listed in the PAU Races’ site at and acceptance of application had been CLOSED since the last week of May 2011. We are expecting 223 runners who will finally register to run the said race. If ever there are slots to be vacated (from the 223 slots) due to non-registration of applicants, such slots could be filled-up with late registrants before the start of the race.

3.Registration and payment of registration fee can be done at the A Runner’s Circle Store located at Aloha Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila or simply deposit the registration fee of Nine Hundred Pesos Only (P 900.00) to LANDBANK Savings Account # 1686-0795-85 and keep the deposit receipt for confirmation of your payment. Bring your deposit slip and present it to our staff to claim your Race Bib on Race Day. Deadline of Registration/Payment of Registration Fee is July 13, 2011 or before the Closing Time of the ARC Store on the said date.

4.There will be no late registration on Race Day (if all the 223 applicants had registered and paid their registration fees).

5.Rules and Regulations of the Race:

a.The race will start on or before 5:00 AM of July 16, 2011.

b.There will be No Aid Stations along the route. Runners are “self-supported” in this race. Runners may bring their respective support vehicle and/or support crew. Support vehicles should always “leap-frog” their runner/s. Support Vehicle shadowing their runner/s is strictly not allowed. Reports of such incident will be a ground for disqualification from the race. Support Vehicle must always park on the right shoulder of the road.

c.Pacers are not allowed in this race. Support crew will be there to simply hand in the needs of the runner-participant or help/assist on the needs of the runner. Support crew are not “mules” for the runner-participant.
d. Runners without any support vehicle can run the race on “self-support” and they are allowed to ask assistance from other runners. The route has a lot of local convenience stores and eateries but they have to pay for their own needs.

e.Runners are advised to run on the left side of the road, however, they could also have the option to run on the right side. Stay safe and be observant on your surroundings while running.

f.There will be no restrictions on the use of earphones and “wires” attached to the runner. However, the volume of such earphones should be set on a lower tone for the runner to still hear what is happening to his/her surroundings.

g.Strictly, “bandits” will not be allowed in this race.

h.Race Bib should be displayed in front of the runner’s shirt or shorts. Runners who are using race belts must be always aware that their race bib is always on the front. There will be “secret marshals” who will be listing your number on different locations along the route.

i.If possible, runners must be on “single-file” or two runners abreast, if there is no incoming traffic on the road. Personal discretion and judgement are needed on how a group of runners run along the route. Safety is the foremost consideration on this race.

j.Cut-off time for the 60K Run is 9 hours. The Official Finishers of this race should be able to cross the Finish Line on or before 2:00 PM of the same day.

k.Finish Line will be at the View Deck at Dingalan, Aurora, specifically at the vicinity of the GINA’s Restaurant & Resort
l.Official Finishers will receive Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and Finisher’s Certificate.

m.There will be Medical Team/s and Ambulance/s deployed along the route. However, runners must bring with them basic First Aid Kit as a “stop-gap” measure on the brief period before the arrival of the Medical Team.

n.Do not look for portalets along the route! There is a vast space of vegetated areas and tracts of land along the route and they need “fertilizer”. Make sure you are covered or hidden by the terrain or trees during these “spraying” and “depositing” moments.

o.In case of emergency and other incident reports to be relayed to the Race Director, calls and/or text messages shall be sent to this number---0918-910-0825. Sender must be able to identify himself/herself if message is sent through SMS.

p.The integrity of the race shall be maintained. Reports of cheating will be investigated immediately and runner/s involved shall be disqualified from the race and future races of the Bald Runner’s Events Management and PAU Races. Runners are deputized to report acts of cheating and/or violation of the race’s rules and regulations.

6.If you are new in ultra marathon and this is your first ultra road race, be prepared to submit a copy of a Medical Certificate or a Doctor’s Certificate stating therein that you are capable of participating in any endurance sports like long distance running and that you don’t have any heart-related ailments. Such Certificate shall be submitted to our Staff at the Starting Area.

7.It is the personal responsibility of each runner to arrange for his/her trip/travel arrangement or itinerary to the venue of the activity and lodging accommodation before and after the race.

8. The decision of the Race Director is FINAL.

8.Last reminder: We always maintain our signature/reputation of starting the race ON or BEFORE the scheduled start time. Be early for the race.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fort Magsaysay 60K Run: Application is CLOSED

Effective today, May 26, 2011, the application for runners to join the PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Marathon Race is officially CLOSED.

Applicants may now register at A Runner's Circle (ARC) Manila Store at Aloha Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Registration Fee is Nine Hundred Pesos Only (P 900.00).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Race Director's Report: 1st Mt Mayon 360

A Dream Race

Yves Yu, an avid visitor of my blog and a member of the Jaycees International of Legazpi City, and I personally met during the 1st Mt Mayon Trail Run in October 2009 when I joined the said trail run. In one of our conversations, he asked and invited me to try and run the circumferential road of the Mount Mayon Volcano and be the first runner to complete and run the distance from Penaranda Park and back where I’ve started. I told him that I will be back to Legazpi City and have a try on the said run.

Fast forward. After three years such attempt to run around Mt Mayon did not materialize but the dream was still alive. When I participated in the 3rd Mt Mayon Trail Run last October 2010, Yves again reminded me about the run and I said that finally, I will be coming back soon to have a try to run the dream run.

On the early part of January this year, Yves and Provincial Board Member JP Lee had a chance to meet in Manila and we discussed about the conduct of the said event as part of Albay’s Magayon Festival. The schedule was set and the overall administration and operational needs of the event were laid out already. It was a plan which needs to be approved by the Governor of Albay, Hon Joey Salceda.

Although I was still recovering from my injury, I visited Legazpi City on the later part of January this year. Instead of running through the road surrounding the volcano, I opted to have a short recon run and measured the whole distance of the route while inside a vehicle. After seeing the route and scenic surrounding of the places we passed by during the recon run, I told Yves and his friends with the JCI Legazpi that the course is beautiful and challenging to ultra runners. It is doable and there is a need to implement the plan for the said race without any delay and it could be done on the first Saturday of April.

And just like that, assignments of jobs to be done were designated to each member of the JCI Legazpi City and I was tasked to be the Race Director and have the race sanctioned by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU). Despite the needed qualifications of runners imposed by the standards of PAU, the Race Organizers approved the implementation of such standards.

Courtesy Call To Governor Joey Salceda

While I was in Legazpi City for the recon run, the Event Organizer decided to drop by the Office of the Governor for a short courtesy call. It was my first time to meet the Governor. The planned short visit and courtesy call lasted for 2-3 hours. The casual conversations about the running event and other topics led to the approval of the budget for the said event. In short, the Mayon 360 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race was approved as part of the Magayon Festival with the approved budget for the Cash Prizes for the winners and for the expenses needed for the logistics and mobilization of security/administrative personnel and volunteers.

Governor Joey Salceda simply wanted something different to happen in his province for the Magayon Festival. He knows that nobody had done such feat, to run around the most beautiful volcano in the world in 15 hours, and he knows that this is an opportunity to create awareness about ultrarunning for his province.


The Race Organizer/JCI Legazpi and I were one in coming up with such running event with the thought of not making a profit out of it. I could be corny and try to be naive but it was far from our thoughts and objectives of raising some funds from such event. The mere fact that the Provincial Government had supported the event, it was already enough to have this dream realized.

I told Yves that if we have 70 runners, it will be a good start to create awareness about the event as it will be the first PAU-sanctioned ultra marathon race being organized by a Provincial Government outside Metro Manila. Yves understood my point as he experienced what came out with his Mt Mayon Trail Run (MTR) for the past 3 years. His races which he founded and initiated had grown in its participants through the years.

I have a prediction that the Mayon 360 will be a regular ultra marathon schedule of the year where runners would train and prepare for. It will be an ultra race where the participants will be growing in numbers through the years.

Coordinating Meetings & CarboLoading/Briefing Party

Two nights before Race Day, I joined the last coordinating meeting among the different committees involved in the said race. I was impressed on how the member-units were able to brief the whole group on their preparations and jobs to be done during the race. Different scenarios had been played and “brainstormed” by the group or committee involved in any particular situation to happen during the event. These guys were so meticulous on their preparations and I could see in their eyes the interest and drive to make this event a successful one.

The CLP and Briefing was done at the Provincial Capitol Center with almost all the runners who most of them are from Metro Manila and the so-called “PAU-loyalists” and “BDM Veterans”. I was happy that these runners, although not yet fully recovered from their BDM Races, have joined this event and be a part of history in running in the Bicol Region.

As the Race Director, I delivered a very detailed Briefing about the race and what the runners would expect along the route, to include the elevation and the logistics, but I did not tell them about the beauty of the scenery of their surroundings while they will be running the race. Finally, I told them that they are already part of history in this event as the first group of runners who ran around the Mt Mayon Volcano. They should not be pressured with the distance as the people of Albay will be in every Aid Station to cheer and support them in their run from Start to Finish.

Race Proper

My first frustration in directing a road race is when the scheduled time of start is not done on the dot. I have that “signature” of starting my races before or on the scheduled time of start. It is a little shy of 5 minutes after 4:00 AM that the race started after a short prayer, singing the national anthem, and a short talk from the Race Organizers. At least, the race started not more than 10 or 20 minutes from the scheduled time. I knew the runners would not notice such a little delay.

The communications, support, and logistics systems of the race were great and everybody was working as a team and they were very efficient. A local radio station was broadcasting a “live update” of the race from the top runners from Start to Finish. The AMA School Computer Team was also feeding a “live update” on the event’s website at with photos of finishers as they cross the Finish Line! Results of the Race were on real-time as they are posted on the website immediately. Simply great!

What is nice about an ultra marathon race is the “drama” within each runner; the “drama” among runners and competitors; and the “drama” of the runner with the challenges of the environment; the route; and the warm hospitality & appreciation you receive from the local people witnessing the event. Moreso, the interaction of the runners with those people who volunteered to make this road race an enjoyable and successful one!

The “drama” on the first half of the race was the competition between our own elite runners, Elmer Sabal, Alley Quisay and Mario Maglinao with the visiting Kenyan runner, William Rotich. The four made up the frontrunners for almost 40 kilometers with each of them exchanging places from time to time, depending on the terrain of the route. At Km 41, Elmer Sabal dropped out from the race due to severe muscle cramping in his legs and declared as DNF before he rode in one of the support vehicles. From here on, it was a matter of knowing who will win as the Champion as the three of them were confident to bring home cash prizes after the said run. At Km 50, Mario and Alley were already having problems with leg cramps and they slowed down. William took advantage of the situation and started to speed up his pace towards the Finish Line. He did not look back and went alone to win the race. Mario was running 2nd place while at far back of him of about 500 meters, Alley was trailing his back.

The “drama” started to unfold between Mario and Alley when suddenly Mario was struck with a severe leg cramping that he had to lie down on the pavement to be given a “massage” by the Medical Team. Alley was able to pass him with 15 kilometers more to go before the Finish Line. Alley maintained his pace and he was able to create a big gap from Mario. When Mario was able to recover and started to run again, Alley was already 2-3 kilometers ahead of him. Alley won 2nd place and later, Mario arrived in 3rd place.

There was a “big drama” with the Women’s Division. Merlita Arias was leading for about 2 kilometers from the Kenyan runner at halfway but at Km 60, Merlita slowed down due to cramps and Poywo was able to overtake her at Km 70 and she was leading for awhile. But Merlita was able to recover and through her strong will to win the race, she placed all her efforts to regain back the first position. On the last 10 kilometers, they alternately changed positions but Merlita prevailed and she was able to lead the race until she reached the Finish Line. Poywo came in second.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, a first-time lady ultrarunner whom I invited to join the event through the Event’s Page on Facebook got the 3rd place. Arianne Ortega was surprised when she crossed the Finish Line and declared as the 3rd top finisher among the women’s division. She joined her first ultra marathon race with the only objective to finish the race within the prescribed cut-off time of 15 hours but she got a bonus for winning a cash prize of $750.00. She was very happy and she thanked me for the invitation. Nice and happy lady!

Out of the 69 runners who started the race, 59 runners were able to cross the finish line and all of them were declared “official” finishers as they finished within the cut-off time of 15 hours.

Awarding Ceremony

The awarding ceremony started as soon as the last runner crossed the finish line. Gov. Joey Salceda awarded the cash prizes, medals, and certificates to the top finishers (men’s and women’s). Governor Salceda was satisfied with the result and the awareness the event had created among the people of Albay. He stated in his closing message that this event will be made bigger and with more participation from international runners in the next year’s edition. Thus, this event will be a permanent activity for the Magayon Festival that will promote Sports Tourism in the Region.

Things To Be Improved

Knowing that 85% of the runners would be coming from Metro Manila and the “usual suspects” in PAU and BDM Races, I did not strictly impose on the rules and regulations of PAU Races because I knew that such rules/regulations are already “automatic” to them. I did not realize that the local “first-time” ultra runners were not aware of such rules and regulations. We will improve on the strict implementation of the PAU/BDM Races’ rules & regulations on the future editions of this road race event. (Note: About 30+ local runners ran as “bandits” and pacers for the registered local runners)

Through my suggestion, a local Marathon (42K) race must be conducted in Albay months prior to the Magayon Festival to give a chance for the local and regional runners to qualify for the next edition of the race.

Future and Expectations

As stated by Governor Joey Salceda in his closing remarks during the Awarding Ceremony, the ultra running event will remain as a permanent activity of the yearly Magayon Festival. It will be a bigger event where international runners will be invited and hopefully, included in the calendar of events in ultra marathon websites and Ultrarunning Magazine Online.

The involvement of the Provincial Government, League of Barangays of Albay, JCI Legazpi, and the people of the 3 cities, 7 municipalities and 77 barangays of the province will showcase the unity, warmth, hospitality, and the kindness of the populace.

This ultra marathon race must be a part of the yearly checklist of an ultrarunner!

See you next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Result: 1st Mt Mayon 360 Degrees 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

The following is the official result of the 1st Mt Mayon 360 Degrees 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race held yesterday, April 2, 2011. A total of 69 runners started but only 59 finished the race within the cut-off time of 15 hours.

Rank Name Time PAU Points
1 Willy Rotich 6:07:24 80
2 Alley Quisay 6:41:08 73.17
3 Mario Maglinao 7:09:20 68.36
4 Franklin Penalosa 7:29:04 65.17
5 Gene Olvis 7:53:10 62.03
6 Barnedo Numeriano 7:58:34 61.4
7 Smith Luna 8:12:32 59.61
8 Merlita Arias (F) 8:13:10 59.49
9 Bhong Tobe 8:18:25 58.89
10 Peris Poywo (F) 8:21:09 58.53
11 Eric Bullena 9:09:44 53.42
12 Mac Milan 9:32:28 51.27
13 Jose Llaneta 9:34:06 51.09
14 Randy Rubio 9:53:27 49.47
15 Jesel Bassanta 9:54:15 49.37
16 Reynan Morante 10:08:50 48.25
17 Jose Duenas 10:13:17 47.84
18 Graciano Santos 10:17:14 47.55
19 Salvador Castilla 10:19:20 47.38
20 Victor Exequiel Verry 10:53:04 44.92
21 Yul Almayda 10:54:00 44.84
22 Paolo Osmena 11:01:23 44.33
23 Jose De Asis 11:06:52 44.03
24 Rodel Cuaton 11:10:41 43.77
25 Bong Bernadez 11:22:04 43
26 Eutiquio Bagacina Jr 11:41:06 41.85
27 Dindo Diaz 11:51:19 41.24
28 Edgar Orellana 11:58:51 40.8
29 Mel Severino 12:11:48 40.09
30 Ruben Fajardo Jr 12:15:49 39.9
31 Arianne Ortega (F) 12:37:05 38.74
32 Danilo Lim 12:45:55 38.33
33 Julius Cervantes 12:48:22 38.18
34 Raymond Suarez 12:48:41 38.15
35 Marvin Pangan 12:54:12 37.89
36 Blas Ople Tiangco 12:58:49 37.68
37 Mark Viesca 13:03:31 37.43
38 Andreco Primero 13:11:13 37.08
39 Earl Warren Navor 13:14:19 36.94
40 Cesar Abarientos 13:14:20 36.9
41 Carl Balagot 13:14:22 36.86
42 Ralph Salvador 13:14:24 36.84
43 Jonel Mendoza 13:14:30 36.8
44 George Dolores 13:14:33 36.77
45 Vincent De Lima 13:20:10 36.66
46 Jimmy Ong 13:24:46 36.43
47 Jeffrey Avellanosa 13:39:20 35.78
48 Erell Villalba 13:43:39 35.61
49 Ryan Viesca 13:56:02 35.08
50 Bong Alindada 13:58:24 34.98
51 Ayette Padua (F) 14:05:14 34.71
52 Christopher Montaos 14:05:48 34.67
53 David Aquino 14:16:16 34.25
54 Marcus Lontoc 14:16:25 34.22
55 Marlin Marilag 14:25:00 33.9
56 Jose Arturo Virata 14:44:33 33.16
57 Abigail Castillo (F) 14:48:13 33.02
58 Yan Dizon (F) 14:50:10 32.95
59 Alex Galapin 14:51:25 32.85

For details and pictures of Finishers, please visit

Thursday, March 31, 2011

PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Marathon Challenge

The following is the list of applicants for the 2011 PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Marathon Challenge which will be held on July 16, 2011. The race will start at the 7th Infantry Division Headquarters in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City and end in Dingalan, Aurora.

Details of this race will be posted on this site and at

1 Allan Roy Martos
2 Allen Gaspar
3 Arlene Cheryl Calleja
4 Julius Cervantes
5 Beeps De Los Santos
6 Bong Bernades
7 Caloy Nobleza
8 Cesar Abarientos
9 Chever Eclavo
10 Cindy Sevilla
11 Dennis Chavez
12 Din Cordero
13 Jael Wenceslao
14 Dondie Cabatingan
15 Ed Escalante
16 Ellen Abegail Castillo
17 Emmet Thome
18 Enric Nino Valenciano
19 Junrox Roque Jr
20 Francis Rolen Frio
21 Gene Olvis
22 Graciano Santos
23 Harold Lorete
24 Honey Paz
25 Irene Ong
26 Jemuel Bayot
27 Jeremy Choi
28 Jerome Estrada Jamili
29 Joey Baladad
30 John Avellanosa
31 John Brian Pacia
32 Jojo Paguia
33 Jonel Mendoza
34 Jon Las Bruce
35 Jose Lorenzo Mina
36 Jolito Jojo Pauley
37 Julius Giron
38 Junn Besana
39 KB Runner
40 Kharl Ocampo
41 Cocoy Delmo
42 Lawrence Arvin Tomas
43 Mac Milan
44 Junar Layug
45 Marco Christopher Montaos
46 Mark Hernandez
47 Marvin Pangan
48 Meljohn Tezon
49 Mia Constantino
50 Michael Joseph Ko
51 Mikko Barranda
52 Mon Suarez
53 Nap Ocampo Jr
54 Patrick Winceth Alcomendas
55 Paul Pajo
56 Phillip Arenillo
57 Ramon Christopher Etable
58 Raul Roco
59 Robert Alvarez
60 Bong Alindada
61 Rodel Montejo
62 Rod Runner
63 Romel Espinoza
64 Ronnel Go
65 Sayo Nachi
66 Sherwin Botabara
67 Simon Pavel Miranda
68 Blas Ople Tiangco
69 Toel Toeltoel
70 Vans Camannong
71 Wap Flores Forbes
72 Wesley Orana
73 Zaldy Santillan
74 Jose Villanueva III
75 Max Espinosa
76 Macoy Lontoc
77 Reinell Tuiza
78 Vanj Endaya
79 Magno Rafael Gabotero
80 Jesus Joey Marcelo
81 Tin Ferrera
82 Mark Salazar
83 Jerry Adriano
84 Bea Azcuna
85 Norberto Mortel
86 Joshua Suarez
87 Theresa Agoncillo
88 Jason King Tan
89 Earl Warren Navor
90 Joseph Ligot
91 Mark Anthony Delumen
92 Dindo Magallanes
93 Dave Drilon
94 David Buban
95 Raymond Ebong Bautista
96 Bong Macasarte
97 Bernardo Gutierrez
98 Brian Tang Seng
99 Ysmael Ilagan
100 Ian Wilfred Cantos
101 Kokey Runner
102 Carlo Serrano
103 Bong Patrimonio
104 Gabriel Tuason
105 Garry Garcia
106 Jolly Villamor
107 Ian Vicera
108 Rodel Cuaton
109 Dong Parcon
110 Edgar De Jesus
111 Alfred Delos Reyes
112 Jake Pescador
113 Jose Cando
114 Larry Daliuag--Fairview Running Club
115 Bert Camangonan--Fairview Running Club
116 Chito Vegim--Fairview Running Club
117 Gil Brazil--Fairview Running Club
118 Allan Bandiola--Fairview Running Club
119 Bart Turalba--Fairview Running Club
120 Vic Topacio--Fairview Running Club
121 Mar Marilag
122 Brandy Simbe
123 Emerson Sto. Domingo
124 Mel Severino
125 Edison Maningat
126 Jet Paiso
127 Ronald Perez
128 Jerome Nietes Buhay
129 Jeoffrey Ramos
130 Frederick Macalisang Quitiquit
131 Rey Mark Jimenez
132 Chaps Grande
133 Maya Pelayo
134 Addison Sayoc
135 Romulo Doctolero
136 Noel Senorin
137 Rayman Delos Angeles
138 Ferdie Cabiling
139 Alden Meneses
140 Sheryll Quimosing
141 Bernadette Schlueter
142 Edgar Escueta
143 Vincent Rodriguez
144 Christian Oting
145 Rogelio Alejandro Jr
146 Victor Viola
147 Deo Jaravata
148 CJ Paran
149 Alex Mac
150 Andy Joshua Oting
151 Raymund Canta
152 Charisse Nicart
153 Carlyle Noel Balagot
154 Raymund Canta
155 Russell Sanchez
156 Paolo Osmena
157 Emil Perez
158 Cyrus Eleuterio
159 Jazz Paringit
160 Gigay Gochiaco
161 Rolando Rico Olalia
162 Charles Custodio
163 Mitch Crisol De Ocampo
164 Arianne Ortega
165 James Lee Escasinas
166 Hapi Tanchinco
167 Carmeli Ortega
168 Benedict Duria
169 Michael Angelo Fabian
170 Carlos Delos Santos Jr
171 Benedict Balaba
172 Marlo Guloy
173 Bong Patrimonio
174 Bob Patrimonio
175 Bee Yen Soberano
176 Vicente Delima
177 Ruben Fajardo, Jr
178 Salvador "Bob" Castilla, Jr
179 Tina Narvaez
180 Vincent Lorenzo Ocampo
181 Jerome Aragones
182 June Villamor
183 Carlo Dacanay
184 Alex Jonesy Jones
185 Kokoy Delmo
186 Mark David Aquino
187 Nuestro Arman Garcia
188 Victor Verry
189 Audi Imperial Samar
190 Jeje Ajusto
191 Ricardo Cabusao Jr
192 Erell Villalba
193 Irvin Guzman
194 Keshia Fule
195 Emil Hulipas
196 Erl Pamesa
197 Bryan Kho
198 Earl Quero
199 Benedict Meneses
200 Emil Burgos
201 Ricky Dizon--Fairview Running Club
202 Elmar Bob Tolete
203 Mayan Nicolas
204 Nelson Anthony Malillin
205 Camilo Kagaoan, Jr
206 Julius Savella
207 Carmelo Nolasco
208 Randy Racho
209 Eduardo Espiritu
210 Paul Richard Acas
211 John Leo Ruelos
212 John Patrick Tajon
213 Fernando Sy
214 Steve Paul Dumlao
215 Edward Villareal
216 Angel Henson
217 Paul Paranal
218 Mark Rodica
219 Vicky Ras
220 Ceasar Aquino
221 Jigs Sabaricos
222 John Paul Bautista
223 Sam Delena

This list was updated as of 5:20 AM May 26, 2011 (Manila Time).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st PAU 50K Run

The Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) will conduct a series of 50K races starting on May 9, 2010 with the objective of promoting ultramarathon running in the country.

My personal observations during our participation in the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race in Jeju Island, South Korea made me conclude that our runners have the potential to be at par with the Japanese and South Korean ultramarathon runners. The Japanese and the Koreans had been years ahead of us in this field of running event. These countries have also ultrarunning events almost every weekend.

In order to identify, promote and train ultrarunners, there is a need to conduct regular ultra races in the country. The first series of 50K runs will be held on May 9, 2010 and to start at 6:00 AM in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. The registration fee is P 750.00. Each finisher will be awarded with Individual Trophy and Finisher’s T-Shirt.

This race will be done along the paved road and each runner is required to bring a hydration pack/belt system. The cut-off time is 8 hours.

Registration starts today, March 30, 2010. Registration Forms are available at the BR “Speed” Training/Clinic at the ULTRA Oval Track; at the Bald Runner’s Events Office at #115 M.H. Del Pilar corner E. Angeles Sts, Barangay Santo Tomas, Pasig City, Metro Manila; or at Sunday’s Road Races. For further inquiries, please contact Telephone Number: 497-6442 or e-mail us at

Rules and Regulations/Protocol for this event will be published in this blog soon.

The next 50K run will be held from Laoag City to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte on August 29, 2010.