3rd PAU "Mt Pinatubo" 50K Trail Challenge

Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

October 9, 2010

Rules and Regulations

1.The race starts at 5:00 AM of October 9, 2010 (Saturday) at the vicinity of the Barangay Hall of Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac.
2.This race is a solo run and the distance is 50 kilometers. The distance from the Starting Line to the Mt Pinatubo Crater Lake (turn-around) is 25 kilometers. From the turn-around point, the runner has to go back to the Starting Line which will serve also as the Finish Line. Pacers are not allowed.
3.The cut-off time for the race is ten (10) hours. Runners must be able to reach the turn-around point in 4:30 hours. Runners who will reach the turn-around point in more than 4:30 hours will be advised to ride on the available 4X4 vehicle in going back to the Starting Line. Such runners will be declared as DNF. However, they will receive a special certificate for finishing 25 kilometers.
4.Each runner must be able to have their respective hydration system/belt. The runner’s hydration system must be able to carry liquid/water needed to cover a distance of at least 7-8 kilometers. There will be Aid Station at Km#7; Km#14; and Km#21 and these same Aid Stations will serve at Km# 29; Km#36; and Km#43 (on the way back). These Aid Stations will be 4X4 vehicles manned by Race Marshals.
5.The Aid Stations will have water, sports drinks, cola drinks and limited food supply. The foods served will be chocolate bites, salted biscuits, boiled eggs, boiled banana & sweet potatoes.
6.Runners are encouraged to prepare their own “drop bags” which will be carried/transported by the 4X4 Vehicle-Aid Stations. Drop Bags should be properly marked with the runner’s name, race number, and Aid Station Number/Km Point where it will be available.
7.Runner has the option to provide his/her own support vehicle from the 4X4 vehicles for rent available through the Barangay Officials at the Barangay Hall of Sta Juliana. The rent/cost of one vehicle is P 2,500.00. The fee for a guide is P 500.00 (optional). However, such individual support vehicle should not “shadow” the runner. It is advisable that support vehicles must “leap-frog” from the runner.
8.The exact turn-around point is at the edge of the Crater Lake. Each runner must be able to register to the marshal-recorder upon his/her arrival.
9.Runners are advised not to ride on their respective support vehicle even for a short distance or while crossing the river. Riding on the vehicle is tantamount to “cheating” during the race.
10.Since most of the route towards the Mt Pinatubo has no established or designated trail or path due to changing landscape as a result water & earth movements, the runner can improvise or have his/her own personal choice in establishing his/her direction towards the crater.
11.It is advisable to run with somebody or with a group with the same pace. If not, each runner must be able to have a sight on the runner in front and runner at his back.
12.This is a trail run which is considered as a RACE. However, it is advisable to help each other on matters of emergency and occurrence of accidents along the route. Any casualty or runner who needs medical attention should be brought to the nearest Aid Station.
13.Each runner must carry with them basic First Aid Kit. This is a MUST and it is a ground for Disqualification if a runner is without this basic requirement. The First Aid Kit should consist enough cotton, sanitary gauze, medical adhesive tape, betadyne/iodine, and anti-biotic ointment.
14.Runners must be extra careful in stepping those big rocks along the route. Most of the rocks are slippery and some are not stable. It is safer to walk rather than run on these rocks. Always think safety when you encounter rocks along the way.
15.There will be a lot of river crossing. Find time to be deliberate in crossing such flowing rivers, most especially where there are a lot of rocks. There are some places where the current of the river are strong, take time in establishing a firm and balance footing as you cross such rivers.
16.Basically, you will have damp/wet running shoes throughout the run. It is advisable for each runner to apply petroleum jelly to their feet before the run to prevent blisters.
17.Walking sticks are allowed on this run.
18.At the Crater Lake, if you are not a swimmer, please do not attempt to swim at the lake. We don’t have any Lifeguards for this race.
19.If in case there will be typhoon or continuous raining on race day, the event will be cancelled and it will be postponed to a later date when weather is favorable for the safety of the participants.
20.Top 3 Men and Ladies will receive trophies. Every Finisher will receive Individual Trophy/Memento; Finisher’s T-Shirt; and a Certificate of Achievement. This trail run is included in the Ranking of PAU Runners for the year.
21.Parking Areas will be available on one side of the Road at Barangay Sta Juliana and at the area near the banks of the river (500 meters from the Barangay Hall). Barangay Tanods will serve as the security/”look-out” to your parked vehicles. Be prepared to pay P 50.00 as Parking Fee for each vehicle to the Barangay Tanods.
22.The RD and Race Marshals will be conducting random checks on each runner’s hydration system and the mandatory First Aid Kit along the route. It is mandatory for each runner to show their First Aid Kit as he/she checks-in at the Starting Area.
23.Lastly, please maintain the Integrity of this Race. (Do I have to tell and remind you about this every time we have a PAU race?)
Good luck and Have FUN!!!!

Official Result: 1st Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

The following is the Official Result of the 1st Mt Pinatubo Challenge (MPC) 50K Trail Run.

I would like to specifically mention that the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines gave me the “GO” signal to push through with the trail run as the Balikatan Exercise (Proper) is scheduled to start yet on October 14, 2010 with the AFP components and the US Armed Forces Counterpart. I did not want that the race would be cancelled, re-scheduled, or terminated when most of the runners are still on the trail. I have the impression that the Philippine Air Force scheduled a practice run on the events/activities that they will be performing during the said military exercise with our US counterparts on the prescribed scheduled dates.

However, the top runners who were fast and strong were not affected with the practice runs of our Philippine Air Force and I have decided that their Finish Times will be upheld as the prevailing record for a solo run finish time from Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac up to the Crater Lake of Mt Pinatubo and back. As I could not determine the exact elapsed time for each runner who were directed to stop in one of the Aid Stations due to the helicopter-airborne firing from a MG helicopter, the finish times reflected below will be considered as the official time. Guys, you will have your chance to redeem yourselves and improve your finish times on the next edition of this trail race!

Due to this predicament, I decided to remove the prescribed cut-off time of 10 hours and allowed everybody to finish and awarded each one who crossed the finish line with their “finisher’s trophy” and Finisher’s T-shirt.

My congratulations to all who started and finished the race. You have finished what I consider as the “hardest and most challenging 50K trail race” in the country.

1st PAU Mt. Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge
October 09, 2010


1 Hermogines Olvis 6:33:36 Champion (Male)
2 Jonel Mendoza 6:45:56 1st Runner-up (Male)
3 Moses Moreno 6:46:18 2nd Runner-up (Male)
4 Chito Vegim 7:05:13
5 Graciano Santos 7:10:13
6 Noel Hernandez 7:43:20
7 Marcos Lontoc 7:47:13
8 George Dolores 7:47:57
9 Mon Marchan 7:57:20
10 Dindo Diaz 8:34:47
11 Camilla Brooks 8:37:46 Champion (Ladies)
12 Rufino Morimonte 8:37:58
13 Melvin Pangan 8:38:06
14 Don Ubaldo 8:49:21
15 Earl Warren Navor 8:50:54
16 Christian Oting 8:53:45
17 Ian Colendra 8:54:53
18 Allan Bandiola 8:55:52
19 Christian Neil Pioquinto 8:55:52
20 Paolo OsmeƱa 8:55:52
21 Saturnino Camamongan 8:57:51
22 Gil Brazil 9:01:41
23 Mark Adrian Hernandez 9:04:39
24 Simon Pavel Miranda 9:06:35
25 Dennis Ravanzo 9:22:05
26 Vicky Ras 9:22:05 1st Runner-up (Ladies)
27 Grimaldo Anecito 9:26:10
28 Marie Anne Constantino 9:29:29 2nd Runner-up (Ladies)
29 Joey Baladad 9:30:54
30 Ronnel Go 10:52:09
31 Raul Tapia 10:57:27
32 Allen Gaspar 11:01:05
33 Jose Lorenzo Mina 11:03:55
34 Marcelino Tomas 11:04:19
35 Bong Bernadez 11:04:54
36 Ed Yonzon 11:05:09
37 John Jeffrey Avellanosa 11:05:15
38 Precy Hernandez 11:08:42
39 Emma Alvarez 11:14:39
40 Kian Vicera 11:05:08
41 Wellington Yao 11:05:10
42 Carlos Nobleza 11:18:44
43 Christian Paul Forbes 11:18:48
44 Roberto delos Santos, Jr 11:18:52
45 Greg Mana-ay 11:24:32
46 Sherwin Tommy Botabara 11:25:02
47 Vans Camanong 11:27:59
48 Leigh Arnel Biscarra 11:34:15
49 Larry Daliwag 11:38:18
50 John Allan Maigue 11:51:20
51 Ian Ferrer 12:20:50
52 Mark Fer Castillo 13:06:59
53 Ruben Acebelo 13:10:52
54 Jinkee Guerrero 13:10:52
55 Norberto Mortel 13:14:58
56 Marco Christopher Montaos 13:15:06

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